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Video of the day - Duct Tape Surfing

Meet Pascale, a paraplegic who can now call herself a surfer again thanks to a good roll of duct tape and fantastic friends.

Vespalogy - a retrospective of Vespas from 1943 to 2013

Air Malta: Awaken the Spirit of Travel - Candle Stop Motion at Ġnejna Beach

Using over 400 red candles which are ubiquitous around Malta and a crew of thirty people we decided to tell a Maltese story on a beach at sunset. The candles were lit and extinguished to create a series of images which evoke some of the feelings which Malta as a destination inspires and to awaken the spirit of travel

NIVEA SUN • SOLAR AD CHARGER from felipe.petroni on Vimeo.

In Brazil, Nivea Sun invented and ad that recharges your phone with solar energy.  

Source: dontbestupidbecurious

Don’t Fight. Switch to Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows 8

This ad made my day! When Apple vs. Samsung = Nokia

Michael Birken has created “Post-it Note Arcade,” a stop-motion animation tribute to his two favorite arcade games,Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

The recordings were printed out, one frame at a time, and transferred by hand to various walls around his office floor using thousands of Post-It Notes. The process consumed weekends and holidays for the past 11 months

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