Reflexiones by Matthias Heiderich


With a remarkable gift of capturing vivid and powerful pin sharp scenes, once again Berlin-based photographer, Matthias Heiderich, drew our attention to himself. The series ‘Reflexiones’ has emerged in April and May of this year, during a trip to Spain. He visited places like Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Aviles and Bilbao to document contemporaneous architecture. 


Places also marked on his route were developing areas in the south of Madrid, Ciudad de la Cultura in Santiago and Centro Niemeyer in Avilés. He tells us his approach towards the depicted subject was as always, ‘rather of artistic than handcrafted nature, which means, I take more liberties with pictorial design as it would be possible for an architectural photographer’.


 This way he composes captivating images of minimalist nature in which an aesthetic idealization is more important than the realistic representation of the building. Seemingly effortlessly Matthias Heiderich succeeds in a game of loud and strong, sometimes subtle colors, capturing the selected objects in a unique and thrilling way.

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